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Heptathlon European Athletics Championships 2018 Odds

Who wins Women's heptathlon?

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European Athletics Championships - Combined Events

Berlin 2018 which is the 24th European Athletics Championships has been receiving a lot of media coverage as a result of the unique nature of the event, as different from previous European Athletics Championships. It will be part of a bigger event known simply as the European Championships which will have events in seven different sports.

The event will be a world-class spectacle going by the preparations and publicity of the event. It will last ten days from August 2 - August 12, 2018, to be subsequently held every four. Athletics will be staged in Berlin Germany.

Athletics will see over 1500 athletes from 51 European countries competing in over seven events. Sprints, relays, middle and long-distance races, jumps, throws, combined events and road events. Sprint races are 100m (men & women), 110m hurdles men and 100m hurdles women, 200m (men & women), 400m (men & women), 400m hurdles men & women. Middle and long-distance races include 800m (men & women), 1500m (men & women), 3000m steeplechase (men & women), 5000m (men & women), and 10, 000m (men & women). Relay races are 4 × 100m relay (men & women), 4 × 400m (men & women). Throws cover Shot Put (men and women), Javelin Throw (men and women), Discus Throw (men & women), Hammer Throw (men & women). Jumps are Pole Vault (men & women), Triple Jump (men & women), High Jump (men & women) and Long Jump (men & women). Combined Events are Decathlon for men & Heptathlon for women. Road events are Marathon (men and women), Marathon cup (men and women), 20km race walk (men and women) and 50km race walk (men and women).

Combined Events

Combined events scheduled to be staged at Berlin 2018 are decathlon for men and heptathlon for women.

Heptathlon For Women

Like Decathlon, heptathlon is also a combined event. It is however made of seven track and field events. Candidates are awarded points based on their performance in each of seven events. The points are then accumulated and athletes are ranked based on their points. 100m hurdles, 200m race, 800m race, high jump, long jump, javelin throw and shot put are the events that make up the heptathlon. Heptathlon events will come up on the third and fourth days of the championship.

Although these combined events are made up of individual track and field events, each event still has a separate performance.


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