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Heptathlon World Athletics Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Women's heptathlon?

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Nafissatou Thiam81.0081.00

2019 World Championships in Athletics for Women: Heptathlon


This is the utmost all-round test for female athletes, a 7-event contest covering a variety of athletics disciplines and contested over 2 days.

The participants get points for their performance in each event and the overall winner is the athlete who receives the most points.

Day 1 comprises of (in order):

  • 100 metres hurdles
  • high jump
  • shot put
  • 200 metres

While, the 2nd day consists of long jump, javelin and 800 metres.

The Past:

Females 1st participated in the pentathlon at the 1964 Summer Olympics. Which was later replaced by this combined event, with the addition of the javelin and 800 metres. The Heptathlon was 1st contested at the '83 World Championships and then the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Interesting Trivia:

So far only 4 female have been able to cross the seven-thousand-point barrier, and that too on 10 occasions. 6 of these times came from the United States star Jackie Joyner-Kersee. The combined event came on to the programme of major events in '81, at the likes of the Asian Championships and World Student Games.

Gold Standard:

The most successful athlete at the event in World Championships history is Carolina Kluft who won consecutive gold medals in '03, '05 and '07. In fact, she was unbeaten in twenty-two combined events competitions from Mar '02 until her international retirement at the end of the '12 season, a streak which included winning at the '04 Summer Olympics.


Jackie Joyner-Kersee

After taking the silver medal at the '84 Summer Olympics, Jackie enjoyed an unprecedented period of success.

In the heptathlon alone, as she was also a world-class long jumper, she won successive Olympic gold medals in '88 and '92, and had victories at the '87 and '93 World Championships.

She has the 6 best heptathlon marks of all time including the world record of 7291, set when winning her 1st Olympic title in Seoul. She was inducted into the IAAF Hall of Fame in '12.


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