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200 metres men odds – Get the Best Odds at 200 m men

Who wins 200 metres men at European Athletics Championships 2024?

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Men's 200 metres

A sprint running event, the 200 metres starts on the curve and finishes on the straight of a traditional 400m track. This means it requires more endurance and slightly different techniques than the flat sprint of the shorter 100m.

The modern event evolved out of the stadion (the first recorded contest at the ancient Olympic Games), which was slightly shorter (180m) and run on a straight track.

The stadion was, in fact, the only event that took place at the Olympic Games from the years 776 to 724 BC. The victor gave his name to the entire four-year Olympiad, which has allowed scholars to know the names of nearly every ancient Olympic stadion winner.

Over the centuries various versions of the distance run in different countries and of different tracks have unified behind today’s interpretation of the event, the 200 metres sprint.


A runner cannot run inside the inner-most lane of the track and must refrain from stepping on the inner-most line of the track that separates the track from the infield. Races run with an aiding wind measured over 2 metres per second are not acceptable for record purposes.


The race attracts runners from other events, primarily the 100 metres, wishing to double up and claim both titles. This feat has been achieved by men eleven times at the Olympic Games, including the Jesse Owens in 1936 who was dubbed “perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history”. Most recently Jamaica’s Usain Bolt repeated the double in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Seven women have also achieved the double, beginning in 1948 with Dutch runner Fanny Blankers-Koen, who was known as ‘the flying housewife’.

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