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4 x 400 metres relay women European Indoor Championships

Who wins 4 x 400 metres relay women at European Athletics Indoor Championships 2021?

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Athletics for Women: 4 x 400 meter Relay


4 runners participate in the sports event, each complete one 400 metres lap. Until the beginning of the back straight, all the laps are run in designated lanes. Afterwards sprinters usually fight to hold the inside line. Each sprinter must carry a baton and hand it to the outgoing runner within the changeover zone, which is sited 10 meters either side of what will be finish line.

The Past:

Though the concept can be traced to Ancient Greece, the origins of modern relays dates back to the 1880s New York, where charity races were organized by the city's fire service, in which red pennants were handed over every three-hundred-yard.

The first Olympic 4x400 metres relay for women took place in 1972.

Gold Standard:

The USA has dominated the women’s scene, winning 4/9 Olympic golds. Russia and Jamaica are the other major forces among the women.


Sandie Richards

The Jamaican featured in 5 successive Olympic 4x400 metres finals, picking up silver in '00 and bronze in '04. She also contested 3 World Championship finals, winning medals in all 3 – her best being gold in '01.

Olga Vladimirovna Nazarova

The Russian athlete, who represented the Soviet Union, won 2 Olympic gold medals in the event, in '88 and '92. Her '88 split time of 47.8, is among the quickest relay splits of all-time. She also won World Championship gold ('91) and silver ('87) in the relay, and a '88 Olympic bronze medal in the 400m.

Zoey Clark

The Britisher was part of her nation's 4×400 metres relay team that won the silver medal at the '17 World Championships. Since then she has won 2 international bronzes in the relay and most recently silver in the same event at the '19 European Athletics Indoor Championships.

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