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Triple Jump women World Championships odds

Who wins Women's Triple Jump?

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Athletics for Women: Triple Jump


The participants run along a runway before lifting off from a wooden board. The lift-off foot (the right leg; for descriptive purposes) absorbs the first landing, the hop. The step (the 2nd phase), is finished on the opposite foot and then followed by a jump into a sand-filled pit. The distance traveled by the jumper, from the board edge to the closest indentation in the sand to it, is then measured.

No distance is recorded in-case a foul is committed by the competitor by stepping beyond the board.

Most championship events allow 6 jumps per athlete, although those with the shorter score are usually often disqualified after 3 attempts. If there is a tie between two jumpers, then the one with the next best score is declared the winner.

The Past:

The event consisted of 2 hops and a jump at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. The women's version of the event was introduced into the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Gold Standard:

The best display of the performance by any female at the event was seen at the 2008 Summer Olympics, when Mbango successfully defended her title from 4 years before with 15.39 metres, the 2nd best distance ever, and 6 women jumped beyond 15m.


Caterine Ibarguen

She spent the early years of her career in the sport focusing on the high jump, heptathlon and long jump. She switched to triple jumping full time during her mid-20s. She picked up world bronze in '11, Olympic silver in '12 and then put together a string of thirty-four consecutive victories between '12 and '16, winning 2 world titles during that time. She also won the Olympic title in '16 and set a South American record of 15.31 metres in '14.

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