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400 metres men European Championships odds

Who wins 400 metres men at the European Athletics Championships 2018?

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400 Meters Contest – Hortelano and Yousiff Aiming for Gold at the European Athletics Championship

The European Athletics Championship are part of the sports agenda for 2018 as this notable tournament will bring series of contests. There will be more than 4500 athletes from 52 nations and they will take part of numerous competitions as they aim for glory. One notable event is the 400 meters running race. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there are numerous athletes that will aim to win medals at this contest.

One notable athlete that is the stepping up his preparation for the 400 meters contest is Bruno Hortelano. The Spanish athlete was not competing for two years and that break had a galvanizing effect on his motivation as he had some significant results lately. The Spanish athlete suffered a car accident which resulted with several injuries that prevented him from competing. However, he enjoyed a great comeback during the Tenerife tournament. Hortelano was able to show a dominant performance as he won the 400 meters race. Moreover, his comeback was even more notable as he was able to improve his personal record to 45.96. The sprinter who will aim with a higher level determination and motivation towards the summer as he will defend his title at the European Championships in Berlin.

Another athlete that will take part of the 400 meters contents is Rabah Yousif. The naturalized British athlete has some significant results behind his name which will give him a confidence boost heading into the European Athletics in Berlin. In 2015, at the World Championship Yousif ran a new personal best of 44.54 in the semi-final of the 400m to qualify for the final of the event. Moreover, Yousif finished sixth in the final in 44.68. It is important to emphasize that this was the first ever race in which three athletes had a result under 44 seconds. Another notable result was at the European Championship in 2016 as he won the bronze medal as part of the men's 400m relay team. He also was selected to take part at the 2016 Olympics in both the 400m and 400m relay. Unfortunately, having travelled to Rio, he Yousif was not able to take part in either event due to injury. The British athlete will be heading into the 400 meters contest at the European Athletics Championship aiming to improve his personal record which currently stands at 44.54.

On a final note, we can conclude that the 400 meters contest will bring a lot of excitement. Athletes such as Hortelano and Yousif will bring a great level of competitiveness and dedication. These top-class runners will surely have a significant impact on the success of the European Athletics Championship in Berlin this year.