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800 metres women European Championships 2018

Who wins 800 metres women?

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The European Athletic Championships – Women’s 800 meters race

The European Championships is the first edition of a great anticipated multi-sports event that will be held in Berlin, Germany. On the 7th of August to the 12th of August. More than 1,600 athletes from over 50 nations will be in attendance to compete at this multi-sports event. The European Athletic Championships is also stated to be a part of this great event.

800 meters women’s race

The women’s 800 meters race was first held at the “Summer Olympics” sport event in 1928. This made it the first distance athletic event ever ran by women in history. It was not held again until 1960, and it has became a permanent track running event since then. The race is run over two laps of the 400 meters track, but it is usually ran over 4 laps of the 200 meters track during an indoor sport event. The 800 meters race combines the aerobic system, anaerobic system, and the sprint speed, so the 800 meters athletes are expected to train in the three systems. The first woman to set the world's record in 1983 is Jarmila Kratochvilova, while the reigning world champion is Caster Semenya from The Republic Of South Africa. The 800 meters race for the Europeans Athletic Championships started in 1954, it was held every four years before it was changed to every two years in 2010. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists for the E.A.C from 2010 are as follows:

•2010: Gold medalist- Yvonne Hak from Nederland. Silver medalist-  Jenny Meadows from Great Britain. Bronze medalist- Lucia Koclova from Slovak Republic.

•2012: Gold medalist- Lynsey Sharp from the Great Britain. Silver medalist- Irina Maracheva from Russia. Bronze medalist- Maryna Arzamasava from Bulgaria.

•2014: Gold medalist- Maryna Arzamasava from Bulgaria. Silver medalist- Lynsey Sharp from The Great Britain. Bronze medalist- Joanna Jozwik from Poland.

•2016: Gold medalist- Nataliya Pryshchepa from Poland. Silver medalist-  Renelle Lamotte from France. Lovisa Lindh from Sweden.

2018 Women’s 800 Meters Race

The 800 meters women race for “2018 European Athletics Championships” will consist of three rounds, which are; round one, semi-finals and finals. The round one will be held on the first day of the program, 7th of August 2018 at 11:10 AM. This round is to determine athletes that will be eligible for the next round, and all athletes that were able to qualify for the championships will take part in this round, but the top members from the member federations automatically qualify to participate in the semi-finals. The next round which is the semi-finals is stated to take place on the 2nd day of the event at 20:00 PM. The top 8 athletes from the semi-finals will then compete together in the finals which will take place on the 4th day of the event, 10th of August 2018, at 21:20 PM. The race is specified to hold at the Olympiastadion, one of the world’s most great venues, and the largest stadium in Germany for sporting events.


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