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Shot Put men World Championships 2019 odds

Who wins Men's Shot Put at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

There are no odds currently available

Following his victory against a life threatening heart ailment, Jacko Gill has finally made into the world athletic championships

After contracting myocarditis back in the December of 2017, his journey in the Commonwealth Games came to an end.

But with his resilience intact, Jacko Gill has finally made into the world athletic championships after recovering from a heart disease that was threatening his life.

Judging by his performance this year one can easily say that he is in the best shape of his career, the Kiwi shot putter recently threw a 20.71m at a national championship of his country, after this personal best Jacko threw another personal best which is only centimeters short of Tom Walsh (i hope you know who he is) and he achieved this feat on 21st March at the International Track Challenge.

Talking about his return, Jacko said that he was confident that he would be able to make a comeback only if he keeps his faith intact.

Now let’s talk about the disease that he was suffering from, called myocarditis this heart ailment is treated with similar meds that are used to treat heart failure. Most often a diet of low-salt is recommended. In order to reduce the inflammation of the heart sometime steroids are also used.

When talking about Jacko's ailment, his throwing coach praised him for his resilience & determination and the way he handled the whole situation.

Jacko had similar things to say about his team, he also praised them and attributed his great return to them.

Of course during all this praising he didn't forget his parents, at whom's place he stayed during the recovery, he was very thankful for their support.

Talking about future, Jacko said that he's more focused on getting into a more better shape for the upcoming championship in Doha, In order to achieve this goal he intend on adopting a more athletic route, of which basketball is an important component. 

The Olympian also promised that he'll start making his infamous videos once he gets his vertical leap back to ninety centimeters.


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