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4 x 100 metres relay World Athletics Championships

Who wins 4 x 100 metres relay men at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

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IAAF names relay teams for 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships

Nigeria, one name which everyone expected to be in the list from the start of the season failed to make it. Despite the fact that the team made into the men’s 4X100m final at Yokohama 2019, it failed to qualify for the world championship in both categories of men and women.

Nigeria participated in the IAAF World Relays along with forty-five other countries, but its women team could not get past the 2nd stage of the 4X400m and 4X100m events, while the men's team of the country as said earlier was only able to make it to the final of the 4x100m but failed to win the top prize.

Only two African teams were able to make it into the list, the two qualified teams are South Africa and Ghana.

The list started taking shape after the great action at Yokohama 2019 came to an end. It is one of the main purposes of the World Relays to act as a gateway into major championships along with providing enthralling action.

Ten out of sixteen spots in both categories (m & w) 4x100m and 4x400m in the 2019 World Championships were up for grabs in this year's IAAF World Relays, along with twelve of the sixteen available spots in the mixed 4x400m.

The remaining spots will be filled by the top teams on the world lists at the end of the qualifying period on September 6 of this year.

USA, Brazil, Great Britain & Northern Ireland, France, China, Turkey, Jamaica, South Africa, Italy and Netherlands men's team qualified in the 4X100m event. The women teams that made it into the athletic track event include Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Germany, Jamaica, Italy, Brazil, Ghana, Denmark, Australia and Kazakhstan.

The teams for men's 4X400m are Jamaica, Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Belgium, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Czech Republic, France and Italy. While women's teams include USA, Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Poland, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Jamaica, Netherlands, Belgium and France.


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