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How to give yourself the best odds of winning when gambling online

It’s very easy to visit an online casino with a sizable amount of money and walk out with nothing. As Hunter S. Thompson said, “There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having fun and being smart.” It is the nature of the randomness of the casino that makes it such a fun experience, but it is also because this very nature that makes it easy for you to lose. But that doesn’t mean you should not be using a few strategies to give yourself the best odds of winning when gambling online, such as understanding the games you are playing, which can increase your odds enormously.

Choosing what not to do is a strategy within itself. Therefore, an easy way to at least ensure you don’t lose all of your money, is to not gamble on an online casino that isn’t licensed. Online casinos without licenses are designed to not give players the opportunity to win, and even not payout at all when winning. One online casino, which is a personal favorite that has been around since 2018, praised for their innovative cashback feature that rewards continued play, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and still going strong is Casino Secret. If you want to read about the deals that Casino Secret is currently offering Japan 101 has put together a really good guide with the most current deals.

Check the RTP

One of the most popular games on online and in physical casinos are slot machines. While it is impossible to have a strategy to allow yourself to beat the machines, since the virtual slots use RNG (random number generator) technology, understanding how they work can help to increase your chances of not losing money. One factor to pay attention to is the RTP of a slot game. This is the Return To Player percentage, which is a percentage of all the wagers, by all players, that gets paid back upon winning. It’s important to note that this percentage isn’t indicative of how often a slot will payout or when, for that you would need to look at the Hit Frequency. While the RTP may not give you an indication of how often a slot will payout, it is still a good strategy to play slots with the highest RTP. Online slots with an RTP percentage between 94%-95% are considered bad, while many newer games of an RTP percentage of 96% and above. You can easily find this percentage by searching the internet using the name of the game and including the word RTP. You also want to find a good balance between the RTP percentage and hit frequency, as it is pointless to have a high RTP percentage if you are not winning often.

Learn with free spins

The biggest advantage you could give yourself is to use the opportunities that welcome bonuses offer. Almost every casino offers welcome bonuses to new players, and some to returning players. These bonuses include free spins, money to gamble with on the site, and bonus spins upon winning. These free spins can be used to see which slot games payout the most often and also to see how much they do payout when you win. It's important to check the terms and conditions of these welcome bonuses if you intend to cash out. Some bonuses require wagering a certain amount of money before you can claim your winnings, and some require you to make a deposit. Try to choose an online casino with the least number of requirements that are easy to complete to make the most out of the free spins or money given.

Pick slots with smaller jackpots

While it may be tempting to play a slot with a huge jackpot, this might be counterproductive. Progressive slots may offer you the opportunity to win big, but they have the lowest RTP percentages and require maximum bets to win big, with good reason. That huge jackpot is funded by all the players who have lost. In other words, you would spend more money than you probably have and you probably won’t win. Therefore smaller jackpots and nonprogressive slots could be more beneficial as they have a higher RTP and hit frequency, giving you a greater opportunity of winning. And if you are new to gambling, it is recommended to start small anyway in order to learn the games.