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Sports Betting Odds: Different Types and How They Work

Online sports betting is becoming incredibly popular, and the interest in this industry is also increasing. Whatever you bet on, placing a bet effectively needs being conversant with the basic sports odds formats.


This overview of odds types may be helpful as it can be challenging, especially for the starters.

Similar to other sportsbooks, VBET UK also offers many formats of sports odds, including traditional Fractional, Decimal, and American odds. We'll examine some imaginary odds and situations separately.

Various Sports Betting Odds Types

As stated above, there are three main types of odds. Even though odds may be written differently, the same logic is underlying all of them. Odds show how probable a team or a player is to win the game.

Calculating odds is a headache for some but if you follow these formulas you’ll easily and quickly grasp any odds.

American Odds

American odds are easily determined as they come with a - or + indicator. These show you who is favoured. Nearly all the sportsbooks offer these odds because bettors love them. If the team is a favourite it’ll have negative signs in front of the odds, and consequently, the positive odds are for the underdog. Now let’s look at some situations with fictional odds and £100 as a minimum wager.

Remember that your odds show a possible win if you stake £100. So, if we imagine that team A has odds of +120 and you bet £100, it gives £320.  

Player B’s odds are -140 so he's the possible winner according to the bookmakers.

The minus sign in front of the odds represents the possibility of winning £100. Due to this, if you place £140 and win, you’ll receive £100 in addition to the original £140, so a total of £240.

Many enthusiasts begin with this type of odds since they are simple to comprehend and bet on.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds, known as European odds, display the whole amount of money returned rather than just the profit. In order to determine the payout, you need to simply multiply the bet and the odds.

Consider placing a £100 wager on a team with a 2.5 odds ratio. The result of a straightforward multiplication of 100 by 2.5 is £250. To determine the favoured team or the player look for odds that are 2.0 or less in value. The underdog, on the other hand,  is with bigger odds than 2.0.

Fractional Odds

As can be guessed from the name, fractional odds are written with a slash like 2/1.

Let's imagine a bet with odds of 37/25. In case of betting £100 your pay will be £148; add that up with £100 and you’ll have the final payout – £248.

You could find it challenging to decide who is the favourite because there are no plus or minus indicators here. Just remember that in favourites the numerator is more than the denominator.

These are the primary formats of odds related to sports betting. But you should be aware of a few well-known Asian odds too before beginning your betting journey.

Hongkong Odds

It's simpler than it seems if this is your first time seeing Hongkong odds. You may quickly calculate any Hongkong odds by using the following steps. Take the wager amount and multiply it by the odds, then plus the initial stake at the end to get the result.

If you opt to bet £100 and your preferred team has odds of 3.1, your total payment will be £410.

As can be seen, a successful guess will get you back your primary stake. But in case of failure, everything will be lost.

Indonesian Odds

Following up, is another Asian odds type, shortly called Indo odds. These odds resemble Hongkong odds to some extent. You only need to keep in mind this straightforward formula. Take your stake and multiply it with odds, then divide it all by 1. This shows the possible winning amount, don’t forget to add up your original stake to get the total payout.

Player X, for example, has 1.25 odds. In the scenario where you bet £100 and he wins, you’ll receive £225. Alike Hongkong odds, here too, you’ll get back your initial investment back with the winnings.

Malaysian Odds

Malo odds are distinguished with + and - signs like American odds.

Each of them is computed slightly differently. Always, the odds are equal to one or less in value. 

To calculate Malo odds you just multiply staked money by 1 then divide everything by the odds. The payoff is then calculated by adding the original wager.

So team X with odds of 0.65 will pay off £253.84 if you bet £100.

Let’s examine Team Y’s example. With -0.4 odds, you multiply the wagered money by the odds and divide the result by 1, and then add the original stake amount. So you’ll win £140 with £100 stake.

Now you’ve looked at the major formats of odds you can find in any online sportsbook. Before placing any wager, look through safer gambling tools. To ensure your smooth and safe betting experience, always keep in mind your budget. Manage not only your bankroll but also the time you spend on sports betting. Read the rules and always stay informed. Most importantly, enjoy the process and bet for entertainment only.



18+. Please gamble responsibly.




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