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The Benefits Of SEO Link-Building For Your Online Casino Business

One of the biggest challenges of any online casino is ensuring that, when internet users search for platforms where to play their favourite games, they can easily find their website and not that of competitors. Ranking first on Google Search, Safari or Yahoo goes beyond SEO-optimised articles and keywords. You’ll need SEO link-building, which is having other websites add outbound links to your own site.

In what follows, we break down the benefits of SEO link-building for your online casino business.

Higher rankings on Google

If you would like your website to appear at the very top of Google Search’s results whenever someone types “best online casino”, “casino reviews” or “sportsbooks”, then SEO link-building is the go-to strategy. In order to determine a website’s authority and reliability, Google Search’s algorithm takes into account the number of backlinks and referring domains that link to said website. Think of it as Google giving votes of confidence. Therefore, the more authoritative and reliable your website is, the higher it will rank on the search engine. This is incredibly important because users rarely go beyond search engines’ first results page.


Users of the internet are more likely to click on content and/or search engine results from brands they are familiar with. Take the NHS and Healthline websites, for example. Both domains are authorities in the niche of expert health advice, which sees them receiving a lot of traffic. By having numerous high-quality backlinks across several channels, your casino platform can build credibility and become an authoritative source in the field.

Increased organic traffic

Organic traffic is when internet users land on a website from unpaid search engine results. In other words, they typed “online casino” and clicked on the most appealing results.Organic trafficis, essentially, the opposite of paid traffic through Google ads, for example. As mentioned before, the more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank on search engines. Hence, internet users will be more likely to click on the results that pop up first.

More revenue and sales opportunities

More high-quality backlinks mean higher rankings. Higher rankings mean increased organic traffic. And, increased organic traffic translates into more sales. Your online casino business will land more potential customers and gain new streams of revenue. For instance, you may start veering into paid promotions, influencer marketing, sponsorships and affiliate programmes.

Stronger relationships in the industry

Part of most SEO link-building strategies is reaching out to websites or blogs in the same industry and politely requesting for them to add outbound links to your domain. Not only will this increase your domain’s authority, but will also help you establish long-term relationships with other brands. Research has proven that building these connections over time can lead to greater opportunities, improved capacity to innovate and enhanced status and authority.

How to start working on your SEO link-building strategy

There are numerous ways to start crafting your online casino business’ SEO link-building strategy. Many marketers email websites and blogs in the same niche offering to write an informative article that contains an outbound link to their own site. Another method is writing press releases that also contain outbound links to your domain. However, this can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you lack the right contacts.

If you wish to make this process more effective and are wondering where to buy backlinks, companies like QWERTYLABS can help out. Their SEO experts will take care of the process from start to end by carrying out website audits, keyword research and on-page optimisation as well as creating quality content and tracking its performance.